School Committee 11-19-20

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School Committee


I. Call to Order 00:00:00

II. Reports 00:02:17

III. Finicial Update 00:26:28

IV. Discussion Items 00:29:25

Holbrook Education Association Memorandum 00:34:01

Holbrook Education Association Memorandum of agreement outlining changes in working conditions related to the school reopening plan for the 2020-2021 school year

Holbrook Food Services Managers Memorandum 00:38:35

School Committee Policy Subcommittee Assignments 00:39:27

1st Reading JLCB 00:40:29

Inoculations of Students

2nd Reading ACAA-E-1 00:44:02

Harassment Complaint Form

2nd Reading IC/ICA 00:44:48

School Year/School Calendar

2nd Reading GBEBC 00:45:02

Gifts to and Solicitations by Staff

2nd Reading IHB 00:45:21

Special Instructional Programs and Accommodations

2nd Reading IGD 00:45:43

Curriculum Adoption

2nd Reading IHBEA 00:46:03

English Language Learners

2nd Reading JEB 00:46:27

Entrance Age

2nd Reading JJA 00:46:36

Student Organization

2nd Reading JICFA 00:46:53

Prohibition of Hazing

2nd Reading JLCC 00:47:07

Communicable Diseases

2nd Reading JJE 00:48:02

Students participation in fund-raising activities

2nd Reading JRA 00:48:23

Student Records

2nd Reading KHB 00:48:54

Advertising in Schools

3rd Reading ACAB 00:49:18


3rd Reading EBCFA 00:50:06

Face Covering

Donations of about 300 headphones 00:50:55

From Whitney Loveday and Michael Bova

October 8, 2020 Minutes 00:51:37

Sub-Committee Report 00:52:00

School Committee Reports 00:52:03

V. Action Items 00:59:40

Holbrook Education Association Memorandum 00:59:44

Holbrook Food Services 01:00:15

School Committee Policy Subcommitee 01:00:34

3rd Readings ACAB & EBCFA 01:00:50

Accept Donation 01:01:27

Accept Minutes 01:01:58

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