School Committee 10/8/20

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School Committee


I. Call to Order 00:00:00

II. Superintendent Report 00:00:15

III. Financial Update 00:29:31

IV. A) Memorandum of Agreement 00:38:49

Memorandum of Agreement between School Committee and the Holbrook Education Association

IV. B) Side letter of Agreement dated 9/9/20 00:40:40

Holbrook School Committee and Holbrook Education Association Side letter of Agreement dated September 9, 2020 (Sick Leave Bank and Social Justice Club Advisor Position)

IV. School Committee Subcommittee 00:44:45

Liason and Ad Hoc Committee assignments

IV. D) Authority to Sign Warrants 00:54:40

Assign official and alternate School Committee members to have authority to sign warrants

IV. E) MASC Official Voting Delegate Nominations 00:55:30

IV. F) MASCA Alternate Voting Delegate Nominations 00:56:35

IV. 1st Reading ACAA-E-1 Harassment Complaint 00:57:41

IV. 1st Reading IC/ICA 00:59:00

School Year/School Calendar

IV. 1st Reading GBEBC 00:59:50

IV. 1st Reading IHB 01:00:14

IV. 1st Reading IGD 01:00:32

IV. 1st Reading IHBEA 01:00:39

IV. 1st Reading JEB 01:01:04

IV. 1st Reading JJA 01:01:13

IV. 1st Reading JICFA 01:01:34

IV. 1st Reading JLCC 01:01:48

IV. 1st Reading JJE 01:02:14

IV. 1st Reading JRA 01:02:30

IV. 1st Reading KHB 01:02:48

IV. 1st Reading KHA 01:02:54

IV. 2nd Reading ACAB 01:03:00

IV. 2nd Reading EBCFA 01:03:40

IV. 3rd Reading EFD 01:06:07

IV. 3rd Reading EFD-1 01:06:31

IV. 3rd Reading JB 01:06:36

IV. $3,000 Strikeleather Donation 01:11:42

Donation to help purchase individual art supply packages for students at HMHS

IV. $2,300 Parent Group Donation 01:12:11

To be used towards art supplies

IV. Drum sticks donation from Vater Percussion Inc 01:12:20

IV. Personnel Retirement 01:12:46

IV. Personnel Appointments/Hires 01:13:12

IV. Personnel Resignations 01:14:11

IV. Student Teachers 01:14:46

IV. July 23, 2020 Minutes 01:16:01

IV. August 6, 2020 Minutes 01:16:23

IV. August 13, 2020 Minutes 01:17:00

IV. Subcommittee Reports 01:17:20

IV. Committee Reports 01:17:32

V. Action Items) Memorandum Agreement 01:22:10

V. Side Letter Agreement 01:22:36

V. Liason and Ad Hoc Committee 01:23:15

V. Assign official and alternate members 01:23:44

V. MASC Official Delegate 01:24:10

V. MASC Alternate Delegate 01:24:32

V. 3rd Reading EFD 01:24:53

V. 3rd Reading EFD-1 01:25:15

V. 3rd Reading JB 01:25:38

V. $3000 Donation 01:26:00

V. $2300 Donation 01:26:29

V. Sets of Drum Sticks Donation 01:26:46

V. Minutes 01:27:09

V. Adjourn to Executive Session and Not Return 01:28:53

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