School Committee 7/23/20

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School Committee


I. Call to Order 00:00:00

II. A) Superintendent Report 00:01:00

II. B) Financial Report 00:27:19

III. A) BSU Student Teaching Practicum Agreement 00:30:19

III. B) Project Lead the Way Grant 00:32:26

III. C) $6,000 FY20 DESE 00:33:40

$6,000 FY20 DESE Connecting Activities grant for HMHS to pay for Naviance subscription and padfolios for the Credit for Life Fair

III. D) Superintendent's Salary 00:35:15

III. E) 6/11/20 School Committee Minutes 00:37:33

III. F) 6/22/20 School Committee Minutes 00:37:38

IV. Action Item A) BSU Student Teacher Practicum 00:38:08

IV. B) Project Lead The Way Grant 00:38:46

IV. C) $6,000 FY20 DESE 00:39:14

IV. D) Superintendent Salary 00:39:45

IV. E) 6/11/20 Minutes 00:40:24

IV. F) 6/22/20 Minutes 00:41:02

V. Old Business 00:41:35

VI. New Business 00:46:17

Adjourn 00:58:56

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