School Committee 3/5/20

Open Agenda

I. Call to Order 00:00:01

II. Public Participation 00:01:28

III. A) Student Advisory 00:06:02

III. B) Superintendent Report 00:10:04

IV. Financial Update 00:22:44

V. A) 2020-2021 School Calendar 00:24:33

V. B) Program of Studies 00:30:19

V. C) 2nd Reading EFD Meal Charge 00:47:20

V. D) 2nd Reading EFD-1 00:47:37

V. E) 2nd Reading Policy JB 00:47:50

V. F) Policy for Removal 00:48:05

V. F1) Policy JP 00:48:08

Removal for Policy JP - Students Gifts and Solicitations

V. F4) Policy IHA 00:48:10

V. F2) Policy JLD 00:48:12

Removal for Policy JLD - Guidance Program

V. F3) Policy JLA 00:48:14

Removal for Policy JLA - Student Insurance Program

V. F4) Policy IHA 00:48:18

V. G) Donations from Marissa Cohen to Music Dept. 00:49:37

1 Trumpet Straight mute 3 Ukulele Strings 2 Slide Grease 2 Rubber Cement 2 Trombone Lubricant

V. H) Donation from Marissa Cohen to Art Class 00:49:53

1 Tradegear colored masking tape 1 Lichamp Masking tape 5 Canson XL series Mix Media Paper Pad 5 Sharpie Electro Pop Permanent Markers

V. I) Personnel 00:50:11

V. J) Sub Committee Report 00:50:29

V. K) School Committee Member Report 00:51:49

V. L) Minutes 00:55:41

VI. Action Items A) 2020-2021 School Committee Min 00:57:06

VI. B) Program of Studies 00:57:41

VI. C) Policies for Removal 00:57:58

VI. D) Donation from Marissa Cohen to Music Dept. 00:58:31

VI. E) Donations from Marissa Cohen to Art Dept. 00:58:58

IX. Adjourn 00:59:52